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Diana & the Satyr- Ann Gates Fiser Original Watercolor

"Bridge"  Fairy and Fantasy Watercolor

Tolbert Troll was just like all other trolls, eating the vast majority of people wishing to cross his bridge (even if they paid the requisite cache of gold coins) until one day a young man named Tom Twopants came along. Tom had no money but did have a very a strong desire to live and offered the troll the only thing he had of value, which was an to teach Tolbert to play the card game bridge.

Trolls aren't known for being brilliant and though Tolbert was smarter than most it took him a long time to learn. He had been planning to eat Tom, in spite of the deal they'd made but after a while he became quite fond of Tom and Tolbert found that he no longer cared to eat his new friend. When the time came he bid Tom a very fond goodbye and made him promise to visit often, which Tom faithfully did (always being sure to bring a sheep or a chicken with him just in case).

And as for Tolbert and the game of bridge, he loved it much, much more than collecting gold or eating people. The new price of crossing became a game of bridge. The word got around and everyone knew that if they wished to travel over the bridge they needed to bring two others with them so that Tolbert would get his game of bridge. After awhile Tolbert became so popular with travelers that he became something of a tourist attraction with lines of people waiting for the thrill of playing cards with an actual troll. His whole disposition became actually quite sunny.

And the moral of this story is.... find something you love doing and everything will work out for the good of all.

8.5"w x 12"h

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