Moontoe Gallery- The Fantasy Art of Ann Gates Fiser

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Diana & the Satyr- Ann Gates Fiser Original Watercolor

"Dawn"  Fairy and Fantasy Watercolor

A child of the sky fairies, Dawn is up with her namesake to enjoy the first rays of sunlight that spill into the vally where she lives. She loves the peach, yellow and purples of the Dawn sky. It is such a disappointment to her when the day dawns dark and rainy and she cannot say hello to the rising sun. The rain and storm fairies laugh and tease her, saying that just above the clouds where Dawn cannot see, the sun is dancing in the sky. And being good natured she joins in and teases them right back, saying tomorrow the sun will chase away their gloom and then they will have to hide under the mushrooms from her friend the sun.

9.5"w x 12.5"h


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