I would be happy to reply to any questions you have.  Here are a few of the frequently asked 
	questions that I receive and some that I thought  might be of interest.  If you don’t find the 
	answer you’re looking for,  please email me and I will reply, usually within a day if not sooner.  
	No question about my work is off limits. Other questions are OK too as long as you keep it clean.

Q:How do you get your ideas?
A. I've always loved fairytales. I read everything of fantasy I could get my hands on when I was a kid. I guess when you steep yourself in that it begins to live in your head as an imaginary world that you record onto paper so that others can see what you see. Let's just say that my inner child is alive and well.

Q: When I checked out with PayPal it said Fiser Art Studio instead of Moontoe Gallery? Why is that?
A: Moontoe Gallery is a DBA (Doing Business As) name of Fiser Art Studio. My overall studio business name is Fiser Art Studio (www.fiserartstudio.com) through which I also paint murals, my husband sells his art, and through which Moontoe Gallery operates. It's much simpler to have one over-all business entity when tax time rolls around.

Q: Can we exchange website links?
A: I would love that! If you are an artist or you have a website devoted to Fairy or fantasy, place my web address: http://www.moontoegallery.com on your site. Let me knowwhenyou do and I will place your link on my site. You will find banners for Moontoe Gallery on my links page.

Q: Do you accept any other forms of payment besides PayPal?
A: Yes! I can take checks (your purchase is shipped after it clears your bank) and money orders. Q: I don't have a Paypal account. Can I use a credit card with PayPal? A: Yes! Paypal now has the option of signing up for a Paypal account or not when you are ready to check out. Debit cards that display the VISA logo will be accepted also. Debit cards that do not have the VISA logo will not be accepted.

Q: May I use your artwork on my blog or fan site or for any other purpose?
A: You must write me for permission.  Explain exactly how you will use it.  If I give permission you must not use it in any other way.  You must leave my copyright on the photo and credit me and link to my website. When that's done, send me the link so that I may see it.  Otherwise the answer is NO. 

Art work that's "borrowed" infringes on the right of an artist to make a living. Also when we go to license our art work to companies to use on various products they aren't happy if our images are being used illegally. For information on copyrights, check this website: United States Copyright Office.

From time to time I use Google's new ability to find images that match an image you upload and it tells you where that image is posted on the internet. In other words I and other artists can now easily find out where are images are being used.

Q: Can I print your art for greeting cards or for anything like that?
A: No. I publish and sell my my own greeting cards and that would be a violation of copyright. If you want artists to continue making and sharing their art then you need to honor this and buy their work so that they can continue to make a living from their work.

Q: Is your work available for licensing?
A: Yes. Email or call with all enquiries. annfiser@moontoegallery.com or 425-487-2698

Q: How are your paintings and prints shipped?
I ship through USPS and everything is insured.* 

*If you require a different shipping method you must contact me first to make a different shipping arrangement before you pay on PayPal. Do not use "add to cart". You must call or email first.