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"Fern" A Fairy and Fantasy Watercolor

I was working in my garden when I came upon a fairy sitting under the ferns and I was blessed to be able to speak with her and asked her name. I wasn't surprised to learn that her name was Fern, because fairies often take their names from plants and animals, or anything else in nature like brooks, lakes and rivers. She appeared very shy and I asked her if that was so. She said it was true and that it caused her problems with the other fairies her age. Shyness was not very common in her branch of fairies and she was frequently but good naturedly teased about her shyness. She told me that a little bit of that teasing went a long way and that she preferred to hide out in the ferns rather than face her friends and cousins. I said I could certainly understand that as I had older brothers who made it their job to point out my own shortcomings. I wished her well and said I would keep her hiding place a secret if I happened to meet any other fairies and happily went on with my gardening. 

12.5"w x 9.5"h

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