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"A Chance Encounter" A Fantasy & Fairy Watercolor by Ann Gates Fiser - Fantasy & Fairy Art by Ann Gates Fiser

"Wizard Onysius"- A Fairy and Fantasy Watercolor

The good and kindly wizard who is known by the name Onysius, is friend to all creatures far and wide. In fact some creatures, the pocket dragons, decided that he belonged to them. They believed this very strongly and at all times a small group can be seen hanging around and in fact they hang on him at all times. He did not mind in the slightest, because a wizard's life is indeed a lonely one much of the time. While it's not safe for most to be in the vicinity of a wizard when he is experimenting, there's nothing tougher than a dragon's hide and so they didn't mind one bit when spells went really awry. Which naturally they tended to do a on regular basis.

6.50 &" w x 9.5"h 


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