Before & After – “Wizard Onysius” Painting

before & after Wizard Onysius painting

Once in awhile  (actually probably pretty often) I’m left unsatisfied with something that I’ve painted and it niggles at me. So it it was with my painting “Wizard Onysius”.  After looking at it for a year I took my brush to it and I can finally say that I’m a great deal happier with it. You will notice that I left myself a bit of wiggle room on that. The before is on the left


Wizard Onysius

#wizard #fantasyart #art # #fantasy #dragon #dragonart #artforsale The good and kindly wizard who is known by the name Onysius, is friend to all creatures far and wide. In fact some creatures, the pocket dragons, decided that he belonged to them. They believed this very strongly and at all times a small group can be seen hanging around and in fact they hang on him at all times. He did not mind in the slightest, because a


MIA (for a month)

After posting so regularly many of you may wonder what happened to me. ( I often wonder that myself).  My husband I were hired to paint the bedroom and playroom of three little girls ages 4-9.  The bedroom room is huge- approximately 29′ by about 22′.  The playroom is also big but I never took the time to measure.  The girls’ playhouse cottage bunk bed has three full size mattresses in it to give you