Before & After – “Wizard Onysius” Painting

before & after Wizard Onysius painting

Once in awhile  (actually probably pretty often) I’m left unsatisfied with something that I’ve painted and it niggles at me. So it it was with my painting “Wizard Onysius”.  After looking at it for a year I took my brush to it and I can finally say that I’m a great deal happier with it. You will notice that I left myself a bit of wiggle room on that. The before is on the left


“Three Times is the Charm? A Step by Step Painting Process

fantasy art illustration watercolor

This is a walk through the steps for a painting I did a while back and just never uploaded the pics. Q. How many times do you have to kiss a frog to turn him into a prince? A. As many times as it takes! Remind yourself to kiss your prince every day so that he doesn’t turn back into a toad. “Three Times Is the Charm?” watercolor 10.5h x 13.5″w Copyright 2013 All Rights


Taking on Portraiture

Portrait of a Girl With Fairies- At this point I’m perfecting the portrait. Making small adjustments to make it look more like her, and drawing in fairies. The one on the right has proportion problems so I’ll be correcting that. I thinking of adding a few butterflies too. She’s the granddaughter of my doctor. Portraits are interesting to do, because you have to do so many things at once. Capture a likeness, the personality and


A Dark Current

This painting was done for Enchanted Visions which I was recently invited to participate in. Enchanted Visions was started Amy Brown and Jessica Galbreth  who  both agreed on a title for an image and then created their own interpretation of that title, not seeing the other’s work until done.  Coriander Shea Detwiler contacted the two artists and asked if other artists could also participate. Amy and Jessica graciously accepted the request, and Coriander set about